This project was completed early in 2019 with the agency Binaye Design, where I served as freelance Art Director at the time. 
The brief was part of a strategic upgrade to the brand - which was already much loved by thousands of people internationally. The task therefore, was to maintain the general feel of the logo without losing it's established brand equity, but also to give it a fresh, modern feel that appealed to the target audience. After establishing what this was, and determining the overall aims of the brand, I set to work on the update. 

Though the old logo was aesthetically pleasing and popular, it was also a very complex shape, which we sought to simplify. Keeping with the beloved lantern shape, I came up with the following options:
However, upon client preferences, three more options were given:
From which the final choice was made. I was also tasked with creating an animation to replace the brand's traditional intro. The results are below: 

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